These are some of the many kind responses and positive reviews
received by the Misadventure team for its hand sanitizer:





My wife and I love the feel and the smell of your hand sanitizer.


It is SO great that you guys are doing this!
I saw [you guys] being interviewed about it on KUSI last week…


Thank you and your team for all that you are doing for your community, state, and country during this viral crisis.
You are truly great Americans!!!
I will be sure to try your vodka once I can get my hands on it, and promote it with my family and friends….the same family and friends who are getting the hand sanitizers.
Thank you so much!
-Tim L.


I like the hand sanitizer! Showed it to a friend who is a hospital employee and will post on Facebook as a great product, if you say it’s ok to do. When I put a nickel-sized amount in the palm of one hand, it worked like a charm. It also makes hands feel smooth!
Happy to have your sanitizer!
-Val G.


I’ve given some to every member of my family and we are all appreciative.
-Fritz L.


This is way beyond my expectations! I will tell everyone of your company’s fabulous service and look forward in experiencing your Vodka, which is my favorite spirit! Please stay well and look for another future order from a loyal new customer!
All the best,


I think the World is better prepared for the years ahead with forward thinkers and doers, like your craft distillery. I applaud you. And when we become social, once again, I want to visit. I watched a segment on the news on Saturday about Misadventures and I was fascinated.
Blessings to all of you and may you prosper.
-Jane S.


I just wanted to drop you a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! I have been unable to find hand sanitizer anywhere! When I heard you were pivoting your distillery and manufacturing WHO formula hand sanitizer, I jumped on it! I just received four bottles (I plan to share two with an elderly neighbor). I hope a bottle lasts a month. You are an absolutely lifesaver, no pun intended. So thank you! Thank you so very much! (Plus, now I know where to buy locally distilled vodka!!) Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane!
-Sue H.


Thank you for making the hand sanitizer!! I give your hand sanitizer to my Mom’s Home Health Care workers and to my medical friends bravely working in the hospitals. Thank you!!
-Jessica B.